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“Is Laurie MacAllister seeking perfection? Whether she is or not, her latest album “The Lies the Poets Tell” is defining—a curated collection of songs packed with emotional vibrancy.”  
-Mary Sue Twohy, Program Director, SiriusXM Satellite Radio

"Ms. MacAllister wholly inhabits these songs [on her album "The Things I Choose to Do"]. In each, as subtly as a chameleon, she convincingly takes on the persona's skin. Her commitment to the magic of this material has her, quite simply, singing her heart out.”
-Barnes & Noble

Laurie MacAllister held a quiet dream of being a singer since she was a very young girl. Her voice finally came alive years later when, on a dare, she was convinced to sing spontaneously for a crowd in New York City, in Washington Square Park. A career began in that very moment. Laurie began with a steady stream of nights on open mic stages around NYC, and then landed a regular Monday night gig at the The Grey Dog’s Coffee in the West Village. She released her first album of ten original songs called "These Old Clothes” soon afterward. In 2000, she discovered a passion for harmony singing while touring the country with folk luminary Cliff Eberhardt. Eberhardt produced Laurie's next solo album, "The Things I Choose To Do”, which was first released independently, and then picked up by Barnes & Noble and re-released on their label. 

In 2004, at a campsite at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Laurie began making music with her campmates, weaving their voices together in harmony. In an impromptu and magical moment, the Americana trio Red Molly was born. With a focus on beautiful songs, soaring harmonies, and a deep relationship with their fans (who dubbed themselves RedHeads), the band quickly became the darlings of the folk/Americana scene. Prior to the 2020 pandemic, Red Molly shared their voices around the country—and the world—for 16 years, playing 100 shows annually in front of thousands of fans, frequently selling out venues, and releasing seven acclaimed albums. 

Along the way, in 2010, Laurie's voice was featured in a national television commercial for Folgers Coffee. 

In 2018, Laurie produced and released a new solo album called "The Lies the Poets Tell", a collection of some her most beloved songs. The album features duets with six male vocalists, including the late Americana master Jimmy LaFave. Laurie has composed and sung harmony parts on dozens of recordings, including those by Cliff Eberhardt, Susan Werner, and Ellis Paul. 

She's also taught singing and stage performance around the country, including at the Swannanoa Gathering, Folk Alliance International, Targhee Music Camp, and the New England Songwriters Retreat.

In May 2024, Laurie happily announced the next big leap forward in her life as a singer and entertainer—headlining solo shows! Kicking it off in style, her debut solo concert will take place at legendary folk music venue Club Passim, on November 16 in Cambridge MA.


Laurie's powerful yet delicate voice stretches octaves, warm and romantic one moment, playful and irreverent the next. One song at a time, one show at a time, over the course of more than two adventuresome decades, Laurie has turned her quiet dream into a joyous reality.

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