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Laurie's second solo CD. Released in 2002. Re-released on the Barnes & Noble label in 2006.


"With all the energy of a bull bucking out of its holding pen, a turbocharged rendition of Billy Edd Wheeler's "Coal Tattoo" opens Laurie MacAllister's The Things I Choose to Do. This discerningly curated collection of songwriter's songs -- some familiar, some overlooked-- is a B&N exclusive and includes plums by Lennon/McCartney, Leonard Cohen, Dolly Parton, and Irving Berlin. Is it MacAllister's background in psychology that allows her to so wholly inhabit these songs? In each, as subtly as a chameleon, she convincingly takes on the persona's skin. Major kudos also go to producer Cliff Eberhardt for production perfection and contributing, among other things, the knockout "Baton Rouge". Also included is Lynn Miles' beguiling "Nobody's Angel", featuring Dar Williams' decidedly angelic harmonies. Ms. MacAllister's commitment to the magic of this material has her, quite simply, singing her heart out. We are indeed the lucky beneficiaries."

-Barnes and Noble

PHYSICAL CD: The Things I Choose to Do

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